Bold Unique Free Spirited Crochet

Crystal Ball

Free My Gypsy Soul pieces are for women who are bold, unique, and free spirited, is that you??  I bet it is...

If so my crochet creations are for you my darlin'!

I create unique one of a kind little gems using colorful and crazy yarns.  I LOVE expressing my self thru the art of crochet, I want you to feel beautiful and free to express your unique self to the world.

Thanks sweetie for the opportunity and honor to create pieces of wearable art just for you!

Wine Please
Angel Wings
Me and my Gram!
Me and my Gram!
Dear Jane
I Sit Waiting for the Rain

My passion for crochet and creating unique one of a kind pieces of wearable art has taken me on a journey of self discovery and has helped me thru my anxiety and depression.

Each of my crochet creations have a tiny bit of my soul weaved into them, created with love and whimsy.  I never truly know where my pieces are taking me, it's a leap of faith I'm just along for the ride.  I'm truly embracing that place and finding that I love it there, in the unknown!

Flower Wedding Poncho
The Orange Capelet
Black and White Collide
The Yellow Cape
The Green Poncho

You might ask, what does Free My Gypsy Soul mean??  And I would say it's about following your heart and what truly makes you happy.  Letting your true self shine without waiver or exception, no matter where you are or what you're doing.


Blue and Green Super Scarf