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This is Me

This is Me

In 2002 my Gram taught me the art of crochet. Well, actually she tried to teach me to knit but alas I couldn’t get the hang of the two needles. So she gave me a hook and away I went!

this is me
Me and my Gram!

I grew up watching her and my Great Gram both crocheting blankets, baby clothes, sweaters, and doilies, that was their specialty!!

I started with the ripple/chevron stitch pattern so at first it was all blankets all the time but that was not filling my souls calling and so I ventured off. I was creating other items but they were coming from a place of doubt and fear. I was creating what I thought other people would like, not truly creating the things that were calling to me to BE created.

I now create from that space!!

My Etsy shop has evolved along with me, almost all of my creations are unique and will always have a tiny bit of my soul weaved into them. Most of my pieces are one of a kind and are created with love and whimsy. I never know exactly where my pieces are taking me so I’m just along for the ride, and I LOVE that.

Did I mention I LOVE to crochet?!! Bringing my unique silliness, playfulness, and my free spirit into my pieces is such a wonderful expression of my joy and happiness.

When one piece is finished its like giving birth once it’s out of my soul, I put it out into the world to be claimed by its rightful owner! Is that you?? Do I see you waving your hands frantically in the distance?! Is that your light shining bright?

You might ask, what does Free My Gypsy Soul mean?? and I would say it’s about following your heart and what truly makes you happy. Letting your true self shine without waiver or exception, no matter where you are.

I think we all have many different ways of being creative.

Some are subtle, like preparing a meal, choosing the perfect plate, making your own salad dressing or fresh nut mylk.

Sometimes organizing the clutter in our minds and our physical space gives great pleasure!

Perhaps gardening is your calling.

Whatever lights you up and gives you pure joy and bliss, those are the things you should do everyday. Maybe it’s a little or maybe it’s a lot, it doesn’t matter. Just do something that’s just for you, it will fill your soul and spill into the world and we will all be better for it. This is what freeing your Gypsy Soul is all about, being YOU, the one and only YOU!!

You don’t have to be a painter of priceless art or a writer of great literature to live a creative life. Creativity is in everything we do, we just have to see it that way!

I’ve recently found writing as a way to unleash my souls deeper parts.

You’ll find bits and pieces of me on the website, what I’m up to in my studio and my writings about life.

I married my high school sweetie. We have 3 beautiful children, we have a dog and a cat. I love the sun, the lakes and the ocean. I love sitting with my yarn. I love being in nature. I love visiting my Gram in the summer. She has a big garden and a big heart, after visiting her I always feel rejuvenated and much more creative!